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Give War a Chance!

Mexican cartels are now terrorists! 'bout time. These people have been getting more and more out of control since I was in high school, and every administration since then has concentrated on placating the Mexicans in the hope that they'll finally do something, rather than fixing our problems for ourselves. I heartily hope to see the military involved, although I imagine the Orange Man will take his usual deliberate course and make the benefits of cooperation clear before using coercion or force.

This has the nice knock-on benefit of making anyone who pays money to the cartels, whether for drugs, getting across the border, etc, an active supporter of terrorism.

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Sauce for the Goose...

Woman eaten by hogs. When I was in third grade, that happened to one of my classmates. I think her name may have been Elaine. I barely remember her. Anyway, her dad farmed hogs, and what apparently happened (it was speculated - no witnesses) was that she tried to walk along the top of the fence that divided a feedlot, instead of just going the long way around. She fell, and was either stunned or injured, and the hogs ate her.

Kids who grow up in farm towns have very different experiences and expectations of how the world works than kids who grow up in cities, I think.

IIRC there was a class card, and a lecture about safety and thinking before you act, but that was about it. I didn't know her that well, so didn't have to go to the funeral. Nothing like the modern practice of driving kids to hysteria that are part and parcel of the social event of "tragedy", so everyone, or at least the kids, got over it in a week or two, and went on like usual, if perhaps a bit more aware of risks.

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Things to Read

Erenow. An online library of history books, free to read. Good ones, too. A lot of these are titles that I've already read, or own.


Luminist. Old books, periodicals, etc. They have a truly impressive collection of old SF magazines, as well as stuff like "Fate", UFO magazines, and adventure pulps (jungle stories, cowboys, etc).

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All the Birds Sing Words

A friend got a beautiful figurine of one of the parrots from Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room.

I've always kinda laboured under this impression of the Tiki Room being rather underappreciated. Certainly, it was the most memorable part of my first trip to Disneyworld, in IIRC 1972, when I was eleven. The adults, though, seemed underwhelmed by it. They were all about the Haunted Mansion, which I enjoyed, and which used, for 1972, types and amounts of technology that would have been amazing anywhere, let alone an entertainment venue. Not only the holograms, but just the vast amount of effort and expense that had obviously gone into that.

I don't think I was aware of the terminology at the time, if it was even current, but the birds had heart. The mansion lacked that - it struck me by turns as cynical and goofy, if stunningly executed. The haunted mansion impressed me, but the birds delighted me. They seemed very nakedly sincere, in a way that a lot (most, in fact) of the park was not. The mansion was admirable as an achievement, and told you in no uncertain terms that Disney had spared neither time nor treasure to seriously impress you. The birds wanted to make you happy.

On the Thursday before, IIRC, CF7 (the last one held across from John Wayne - I think it was CF7), I checked in late morning, then hung out with friends in the lobby. It had been raining, but was clearing, and someone suggested DisneyLand, as it was likely to be deserted because of the rain. Several carloads of us went, and it was indeed deserted. You had your choice of what to do. As these things generally do, we almost immediately broke into groups. Someone, not me, cried out "Tiki Room!", and away we all went. So much fun watching that with a group as excited as myself.

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Alas, Baltimore!

The Case of the Mendacious Mayor.


Her replacement's no prize-winner either. On the one wing, I'm inclined toward contempt for him, on the principle that whether or not you ever expected to become mayor, if you're that high up in the heirarchy, you should be prepared to make decisions and take responsibility if the job suddenly gets dumped on you.

On the other wing, I have to wonder if she chose him because he was the kind of helpless doofus who'd be impressed by a desk with his name on it, and not ask awkward questions such as why all the city warehouses are filled with books.

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