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Not Dead [Mar. 18th, 2017|09:50 pm]
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[mood |alive]
[music |Doors: Alive, She Cried!]

Somehow, there seems to have arisen a rumour that I've died. I have not. While I'm not an MD, nor have I ever been elected coroner, I do feel that my judgement in this matter is sound, and should be relied upon. Sorry if anyone is disappointed.

[User Picture]From: whitetail
2017-03-19 07:28 am (UTC)
I saw a post to this effect on Facebook. Apparently, in today's digital world, if a person ceases to use one particular social media account for a period of several months, that constitutes reasonable suspicion of death.

Anyway, even if untrue, it's maybe heartening to know that someone missed your presence enough to express concerns about your well being.
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